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Who we are impacts what we do. We are children of God. Our Father works till this very day, and so do we!

Vine Atlanta Kids and Teens

A place where children come not only to hear about Jesus, but to be led to an experience and relationship with Him, "for God's way is not a matter of mere talk, but of an empowered life".

""Our goal is not to fix problems, but to grow people!" Pastor Jacqueline Pinto

Vine Worship

"Every teaching requires practice.
If we preach the Gospel, we need to experience the Gospel!" Pastor Jacqueline Pinto

Worship is intimacy. Intimacy means to make familiar, and that's our goal every time we gather as a family to worship the Father; We long to know Him more. We long for this close, family-like connection that He intended for us to have.

Vine Women

Our soul hungers not only for the presence of God, but for the knowledge of His truth. Women are not only wives and mothers, they are all important to God, and none should have to live under the impression that God's plan doesn't include them. This is a place where we can talk freely and frankly about our everyday issues and receive encouragement to grow in our relationship with our Heavenly Father, therefore pursuing His purposes for our lives.

Pastoral Guidance

"The responsibility for caring for this precious people is both a privilege and a gift from the Lord. My calling is to raise and empower a generation. I want them to know that God's grace has set them free and God is more interested in who they are than on what they can do.

The secret is in the relationship. God created us for intimacy." Pastor Napolean Pinto

A true disciple of Christ knows how to humbly serve others.

This is a strong aspect of our church family; We love to serve!

When we serve others, we honor who they are, and we manifest the Father, for the Bible says; "Serve one another humbly in love". Galatians 5:13

Jesus was a faithful servant. We follow on His footsteps.

Serve Team



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